Our Story

    Founded in 1997, Gloveleya Babygifts is currently on all over the world, being the newest innovative plush toy store that deals with contemporary and timeless soft baby dolls. We inspire a better and positive outlook for your little cuties with total freedom to cuddle our plush toys or interact with them by telling these cute looking toys things they would never tell anyone or rhymes you would never understand that babies tell these plush toys- LOLz!

    The plush toys from Gloveleya Babygifts is definitely a perfect response to the needs of new generation babies that spend most of their early years at daycare because of the there-is-no-time jobs most parents are doing.

Let's take a closer look at the sharp rise of these plush soft toys from Gloveleya Babygifts, and why would you even choose to buy one for your baby?

   Gloveleya Babygifts is a popular company that designs and produces plush toys, established to make available soft baby dolls to children, especially girls between the ages of one to five. It is, however, important that you know we started this Company out of love for little girls, and our brand is an emblem of love to these younger generations.

   We believe in bringing smiles to your innocent-looking princess, and with our adorable looking plush toys, we offer your little cutie a deeper sense of love and unspeakable affection. Please don't forget we target baby girls, aspiring to cultivate a unique lifestyle for them through our high-quality soft plush collections.

   This, in a simple statement, is the feeling of the existence of love. You will watch your little girl grow with a sense of love and care as she plays and shoves her head under the soft plush toy while playing with them. Your baby gets to sleep with these dolls at her little age, talk to it, cry in front of it – a huge therapeutic value for babies and their parents.